Monday, August 11, 2008

English Stuffing

First, take some stale bread (use your own judgment as to the quantity), and brown it in your oven. Also one onion (red ones preferred), a quarter of a pound of fresh pork, or sausages, and run it through your meat grinder with a few stalks of celery; place it in a saucepan, in which a small lump of butter has been dissolved. Beat one or two eggs in a pint of sweet milk. Stir all ingredients well. Place on the fire or in the oven and continue to stir, so as to see that the onions are cooked. After you have this done set in a cool place; when the above articles are cold, place inside the turkey. Your seasoning that you place in the turkey, or make your gravy with, is sufficient. Roast it in the same way as you have done in the past

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